Cayen Testimonials

CAYEN SES & Training

"Cayen SES is an excellent system, and very easy to navigate. The support and follow-through that the staff provides its clients is commendable. We have never been left hanging, and there is always resolution to our occasional problems.

More importantly, Cayen Systems is very open to suggestions for adding controls or changing programs that will enhance the service they can provide. Every design feature supports the most efficient access to our SES students. We thoroughly enjoy working with Joe and his entire staff. We're looking forward to our continued partnership."

CAYEN AfterSchool

"As a consultant for programs that have been using Cayen for almost a decade, I can definitely say that the Cayen AfterSchool System has taken traditional data management methods to another level. Today, agencies who fully utilize all of the features of the web-based system for their school-based programs understand just how invaluable the tool is for continuous quality improvement. For these agencies and their programs, the system is the “go-to” resource for exporting data and generating reports that help to measure progress toward program outcomes. For me, the Cayen System and its technical support staff are like part of “the team.”"

- Cincinnati Public Schools - Cincinnati, OH


"I use the database to track the number of students in our program, ethnicity, gender, activities, services, semester grades, and much more. Basically, all the information that is required for our Annual Performance Report. We have nine sites total, throughout the state, and I am able to combine our individual offices into one report. My favorite feature is the tracking of students involved in activities. I am able to type the name of an activity, the type of service it provides, and every detail about it, all in the same step. Also, the entire participant list shows up and I can select the students that participated in a certain activity. I can quickly and easily find out how active a student is in the program by clicking on their name and then on the attendance tab. If my Director calls to ask me how many GEAR UP students in our program are Asian American or Caucasian American, I have the answer at my fingertips within minutes. Considering we have more than 3,000 students in our program, that is amazing! "

- Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction - Madison, WI


"The Cayen program has been extremely useful in keeping track of not only the amount of students receiving SES tutoring services but the dollar amount being invoiced per student by the provider. The ability to be able to generate reports whether it be for the number of students placed or the dollar amount spent has become a valuable tool in closing out our fiscal year and running end of the year reports. Cayen has become an important part of the SES tutoring program."

- Sweetwater Union High School District, CA

Technical Support

"I have found the support staff to be friendly and courteous at all times. They are both knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. I greatly appreciate their service oriented approach."

Cayen AfterSchool

"Cayen AfterSchool 21 has supported the efficient entry and analysis of data for program monitoring, improvement and annual reporting. This user friendly system provides the benefit of consistent data across multiple sites, and the technical assistance from Cayen is always timely and helpful."

- Isaac Elementary District - Phoenix, AZ