Streamlining Student Interventions

Cayen Tutoring is an easy to use, online program management software solution that integrates the entire process between states, districts, and educators. Designed specifically to support the reporting requirements of the US Department of Eductation, Cayen Tutoring is the most comprehensive and effective online software available for Student Intervention Program Management today.

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Enrollment and Placement

Time saving features facilitate quick and easy enrollment using student information imported from district or state student information systems. Cayen Tutoring automatically prioritizes parents' provider selections ensuring placement expectations. Districts can define additional priorities based on eligibility, space availability, and other criteria.

Attendance Collection

Multiple automated attendance options, including Biometric Finger Scanning are available to increase collection efficiency and attendance accuracy. Cayen Tutoring builds, generates, and prints sessions or tutor specific attendance rosters.

Automated Invoicing

Unique features safeguard against invoice mistakes and/or fraud. Cayen Tutoring automatically generates easy to read electronic invoices based on recorded student attendance and provider pay rate. Online submission to the district provides quicker review time. The Per Pupil Allocation can never be exceeded and other district defined parameters flag invoice discrepancies to accurate payment.

Assessments and Evaluations

Cayen Tutoring allows providers to create Student Learning Plans and collect assessment scores online for easy district review and use in evaluation efforts.


Generate required reports quickly and easily with Cayen Tutoring. Over 60 built-in reports assist with monitoring and evaluation of enrollment and placement, financial expenditures, student demographics, progress reports, academic progress, and more. Countless data query possibilities and optional customizing services further the data analysis power of Cayen Tutoring.

Withdrawals and Waiting Lists

Cayen Tutoring manages and documents the student transfer process between providers, ensuring the students tutoring allocation is never exceeded. Districts can set Cayen Tutoring to automatically withdraw students not meeting attendance requirements and generate waiting lists for sessions that have reached capacity.

Private-Pay Tutoring

Cayen Tutoring can also be used to help tutoring companies manage their private-pay students.

Our Payment$ module allows organizations to track charges, payments, adjustments, and financial assistance associated with services provided.

Thanks to our partnership with Dwolla, parents/guardians can make payments online to help reduce administrative costs!

Success Stories

The Cayen Tutoring system is the most efficient system that I have used in managing my SES program.
"The Cayen Tutoring system is the most efficient system that I have used in managing my SES program. The capabilities of the system are endless and have made it possible for me to manage CUSD’s Supplemental Educational Services program since 2006. The ability to accurately monitor attendance, generate and review invoices and generate unlimited reports makes the system indispensable. I am fascinated by the type of activities that can be done through the Cayen system. For one, the system provided me with a daily report on the number of students that have withdrawn from the program, thereby shading a bright light on the number of students leaving the district. This system can be used effectively to monitor ADA and the impact of the withdrawal on district revenue. I do highly recommend the Cayen system to anyone contemplating running SES or any other intervention program requires strict accountability."
Cayen has become an important part of the SES tutoring program.
"The Cayen program has been extremely useful in keeping track of not only the amount of students receiving SES tutoring services but the dollar amount being invoiced per student by the provider. The ability to be able to generate reports whether it be for the number of students placed or the dollar amount spent has become a valuable tool in closing out our fiscal year and running end of the year reports. Cayen has become an important part of the SES tutoring program."