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Our Approach

One of our main goals at Cayen Systems is to support and give back to the communities we serve. As a software company, we also hope to give back to the development community. People in all walks of life depend on software to help them solve problems, whether it's a school, a non-profit, or a private company trying to make a difference (like us). We hope the ideas and information posted here will give people insight as to how we build software, and help other teams with whatever problems they're trying to solve.

What are your "recipes"?

"What do you do? What are your ''recipes''? What's your ''cookbook''? What can you tell the world about how you operate that's informative, educational and promotional?"

from 'REWORK', by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

Our Recipes
Improving Maintainability of Legacy Code with a JSON Architecture

Our main web applications, like Afterschool and SES, have been helping our clients serve their communities for close to a decade now. Robert explains how we've improved performance, useability, maintainability, and just the overall look and feel of the applications by utilizing modern web technologies on top of our legacy stack without rebuilding the products from the ground up.

Topics: jQuery jQuery UI JSON ASP

Simplify Database Operations with Generic Fluent NHibernate

We do a lot of work with databases here at Cayen Systems. Create, Read, Write, Delete; all standard programming tasks, but time-consuming nonetheless. Kieran Maltz explains how our .NET developers are able to accomplish these monotonous steps much faster, while also generating more maintainable and testable code than traditional database procedures.

Topics: Fluent NHibernate C# SQL ASP.NET MVC

Agile Case Study

Agile methods are proven to be effective at delivering higher-quality products in less time, and thus are transforming the software industry. Here's our Agile adoption story, as told by a couple of our veteran ScrumMasters, on how we incorporated it into our organization and use it every day.

Topics: Scrum Agile Continuous Integration User Stories

Questions? Thoughts? Criticism? If you've tried some of our recipes, we'd love to hear from you: