Non-Profit Program Management Software, from Cayen Systems

DataPropeller provides your service organization with one powerful online database system to track your people’s program participation and their progress.

City On a Hill

"Cayen Systems' DataPropeller database was the only one able to do this for us."

"As a faith-based, non-profit organization working with at-risk children and youth as well as impoverished adults in educational, healthcare, recreational, social, and spiritual initiatives and programs, our data tracking needs are somewhat unique. The ability to track and aggregate new, unduplicated attendees by period (month) across multiple programs is essential to our reporting process. Cayen Systems' DataPropeller database was the only one able to do this for us. Their ability and willingness to tailor the database to best fit our needs and the benefit of communicating with them by phone or email set them apart from all other companies. Moreover, the Cayen staff is accessible, knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Every connection and conversation I have had with them has left me more than satisfied."

- Tony Hanna - City on a Hill - Milwaukee, WI

The 5 "Ps" of DataPropeller:


Collect information about the individual participants you serve. Create households for easier data collection.


Track programs and activities, including funding sources, staffing, cost per session, dates offered and more.


Record attendance including start and end time if desired. Create paper attendance rosters of those scheduled to attend or use our mobile app to record attendance using participants' finger scans.

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Monitor and evaluate the outcomes (including academic-related outcomes) for each individual as a result of their participation in your programs.


Allow participants to create and manage their own accounts, sign up for events, and enter feedback related to their experiences with your organization.