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Key Highlights

  • Student data imports
  • Quick set-up of activities/sessions
  • Multiple attendance collection options
  • Manage and track all funding sources
  • 21st CCLC APR and California ASES reports
  • Fee tracking with online payment option
  • Program monitoring and evaluation reports
  • SurveyMaker module with an online survey portal


Cayen Systems makes registration easy by importing student data from district or state student information systems. When a new participant is registered, Cayen AfterSchool is populated with current student information, including an accurate student ID, address information, demographic data, and more.

The Registration section features areas to capture student specific notes, goals, and contacts made between after school staff and parents, teachers and other key stakeholders.

Grades and test scores can be imported or entered manually with our quick entry features.

Activities and Sessions

User friendly screens allow quick and easy setup of multiple activities and sessions. Streamline the setup process by copying sessions for different times and locations as needed or by quickly creating activities for various centers at the organization/grantee level. Connect program goals to each activity for future evaluation.

Assign staff members to various activity sessions and simultaneously place their name on the attendance roster and related activity documents. Relate funding sources, community partners, and staff to activities to further meet reporting requirements and evaluation efforts.

Attendance Collection

Optional biometric finger scanning and bar coded roster capabilities increase the efficiency and accuracy of attendance collection.

Record attendance by participant, activity, date of participation, and actual in/out times. Conveniently copy attendance for participant groups across multiple activities. In addition, an attendance record can contain notes about the day’s attendance such as behavior, material covered, etc.


Cayen AfterSchool offers a multitude of summary and detail reports that can aid in the analysis of your overall program, individual participants, staff, activities, and funding sources.

All reports can be previewed on screen before printing and many can be exported to Excel. Each report has a detailed Report Description that explains how each number on the report is calculated.

Cayen AfterSchool 21 includes each section of the federal 21st Century Community Learning Center Annual Performance Report (APR). For statewide purchasers, data entry is minimized. Cayen AfterSchool 21 can electronically transfer APR data from your system into the federal system.


Cayen AfterSchool collects critical data on participants and their participation in various activities. Student grades, test scores, assessment scores, and other data can be imported from student information systems or manually entered for smaller programs. Reports in Cayen AfterSchool correlate participation and these academic variables.

A powerful Search tool can perform unlimited data queries for further demographic, participation, activity, and funding source analysis. All search results can be sent to various reports, mailing labels, and exported to Excel.


Cayen AfterSchool provides organizations the ability to track fees associated with program participation via the optional Payments Module.

Administrators can easily keep track of credits and debits by individuals or households. Generate billing statements, receipts, and end of year documents for tax purposes.

Parents can pay for their students' services online thanks to a partnership with Dwolla, an online payment processing service.