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About Us

TransACT Communications, formerly Cayen Systems, is a national K-12 Program Management & Compliance Software Specialist firm and has earned a reputation as the foremost experts in software designed to specifically support the requirements of a variety of K-12 management programs. Our software improves operational administration, increases reporting accuracy, helps manage government reporting compliance and improves school district communication.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower organizations by providing reliable technology tools and services to help them...

  • Collect and report data in order to meet compliance requirements and to communicate their successes,
  • Reduce administrative workload saving valuable time, and
  • Focus on what they do best - enrich constituents' lives and improve their communities.

Experience Matters

TransACT prides itself on our high levels of experience, quality, and service. Our knowledge of the complexities of program management, allows us to understand the challenges of accurate and timely reporting and the difficulties of managing multiple funding sources. We are confident that our software and service solutions will provide your organization with greater efficiency, increased accuracy, and true value in terms of time and cost savings.

Cayen Systems has been serving educational programs and nonprofit organizations for over 22 years. Our software has simplified program management for hundreds of state and district clients nationwide.


Founded in 1998 by owner Joe Cayen, Cayen Systems' first database software was developed to automate attendance tracking for the Milwaukee (WI) Public School System. Recognizing the need to support the complex requirements of government and privately funded programs, Cayen Systems set out to develop flexible, easy to use software that optimizes the efficiency of data collection, administration, and reporting within these programs. In 2018, TransACT Communications, a leader in K12 federal compliance and parent engagement, acquired Cayen Systems. Currently headquartered in Lynnwood, WA, we are proud to have earned the trust and loyalty of a diverse base of clients nationwide.

  • Cayen and Associates

    Cayen and Associates, LLC was founded by Joe Cayen in order to fill a needed service in providing information technology assistance to small non-profit agencies.

  • CLC

    Developed the Microsoft Access-based CLC Attendance Tracking System for Milwaukee Public Schools' 21st Century Community Learning Centers.


    Developed the Microsoft Access-based GEAR UP Attendance Tracking System for Milwaukee Public Schools' Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs.

  • Moved into our first office, a small space at 6606 W. Lisbon Avenue in Milwaukee, WI (please pardon the mess).

  • Sold the CLC Attendance Tracking System to our first out-of-state client - Sweet Home High School District in Oregon.

  • APlus

    Made the jump to web-based applications with the Academics Plus platform. Originally used to track 21st CCLC programs, it quickly expanded to be the base for multiple applications.


    Sold Academics Plus to the Connecticut State Department of Education to manage their 21st CCLC programs - Our first State Education Agency Client. The system is still in place today and has expanded to include tracking of State-Funded After School programs, Family Resource Centers, and Support of Pregnant and Parenting Teens programs.

    Read how Cayen Systems developed a single system to help the state of Connecticut manage multiple programs!
  • SST

    Once again worked with Milwaukee Public Schools to develop a tool to help manage their growing Supplemental Educational Services Program. Supplemental Services Tracker (Cayen SST) was built on the Academics Plus platform and was eventually used by over 150 school districts across the country to track their SES programs.

  • Unveiled the Finger Scanning Attendance System at our "Beyond the APR" conference. FSAS allowed organizations to more-accurately track their participation by scanning them in and out of sessions. It also provided an extra layer of security by ensuring every participant was accounted for.

  • Expanded to our current office at 7100 W. Center Street in Milwaukee, WI.

  • WCPS

    Developed the Homeless Information Management System for Students (Cayen HIMSS). First used by Wayne County Public Schools in North Carolina.

  • Developed the DataPropeller platform in response to the need for applications that can be run on a variety of devices, including tablets and mobile phones. Built on the knowledge gained from our previous applications, the DataPropeller line of products meets the data management needs of an array of programs.

  • Property Laptop

    Built the Property application and related iOS app (our first mobile application) to be used for the management of fixed assets. Store, categorize, scan, and reconcile your items to ensure everything is where it's supposed to be.

    Read about how Wayne County Public Schools in North Carolina used Cayen Property to achieve a perfect federal audit.
  • Developed the Cayen Payments feature for our AfterSchool line of products and became a partner with online payment processing tool Dwolla to allow parents to quickly pay fees for their students' participation online.

    Read how Cayen Afterschool with Payments is being used to manage one of the largest after school programs in the country!
  • Partnered with PimsPoints to develop a Parental Involvement tool to get parents engaged in their students' education. Learn more at!


    Expanded the DataPropeller platform to include the Volunteer Management System and Professional Development Manager applications.

  • School Bus

    Developed the No Worries Field Trip Manager iOS app to help educators keep track of students on field trips.

  • Woodburn School District

    Track data for both 21CCLC and non-21CCLC programs including fee collection.

  • Open Door Academy Logo

    Track data for both 21CCLC and non-21CCLC programs.

  • The Musicianship Logo

    Track data for both 21CCLC and non-21CCLC programs in the DC area.

  • After-School All-Stars Logo

    Track all the data required for 7 21CCLC funded sites. Larger program in priority state.

  • Charter School Associates Logo

    Manage online enrollment and payments for 14+ schools after-school programs across the State of Florida.

  • Lake County Office of Education

    Connected to five school districts' SIS' and do all data tracking for ASES.

  • ABC Unified Logo 2

    Connected to SIS and track all district after-school programs for ASES programs.

  • Silhouette

    You contacted Cayen Systems and scheduled a demo of our software - forever diminishing your data management worries!

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