Why your participants' finger scans are safe

Using biometrics to track participant attendance is fast, reliable, and secure. Cayen Mobile allows each participant to be safely and accurately identified. Below are frequently asked questions about biometrics finger scanning.

Q: How does Cayen Mobile finger scanning work?

A: When a finger is scanned, the software looks at the ridges, furrows, and minutia points of the finger scan. The data collected from the finger scan is then turned into an encrypted mathematical template (EMT) that uniquely identifies each participant. To ensure privacy, the original finger scan image is discarded. The EMT for one finger (show below), is what is actually stored in Cayen Mobile. Each time a finger is scanned during the Cayen Mobile attendance process, an EMT is created and compared to the list of other EMTs in the database in order to verify a participant's identity.


Q: Can a participant's finger scan be given to anyone else?

A: No. The scanned image of the finger is not used or stored anywhere. Only numerical representations of the unique points of the finger scan are stored, therefore, there is no risk of illegitimate use of participant finger scans.

Q: Can a participant's finger scan data be taken off the computer and used to re-create a finger scan?

A: No. Because the EMT only contains information about a handful of specific points from the finger scan, an image of the finger scan cannot be regenerated from the template.

Q: How does Cayen Mobile store and secure EMTs?

A: When working with Cayen Mobile, EMTs are stored along with all other individual participant information, such as Participant ID, grade, gender, etc. Such data is protected by multiple firewalls and various security measures integrated into our state-of-the-art data storage and back up infrastructure.