Mobile attendance for Cayen Products

Finger scanning is an immensely accurate method of verifying the identity of a person. When it is important to be very confident of the exact presence of a person at a certain time, Cayen Mobile is the tool for you.

Cayen Mobile is a powerful iOS App and hardware package used in conjunction with Cayen’s software systems as an efficient and accurate method to record attendance for services, volunteering, field trips, and more.


Safely utilizes biometric finger scanning and/or a manual tap to mark students as "HERE" at each Session.

Offers in-app access to students' emergency contact information even when you're offline.

Links Cayen AfterSchool and DataPropeller with a convenient app for your Apple device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod).

System Requirements

  • iPod, iPad, or iPhone with iOS 9.0 or later
  • Data plan or Wi-Fi connection (required for daily initialization, but NOT required for attendance scanning)
  • FbF mobile One QuickDock (hardware attachment for iOS device - required for biometric scanning only)