K-12 Program Management &
Compliance Software Specialists

K-12 Program Management & Compliance Software Solutions

As K-12 Program Management & Compliance Software specialists, we work with school district leadership to help them manage, document, and protect students during non-academic activities, while simultaneously enhancing their opportunity to maximize their success.

The Right Tools for YOUR Program

At Cayen Systems, we offer a suite of unique, K-12 software management programs, each focused on specific school needs that offer district leadership affordable, easy to use operational applications that help improve educator's government compliance and track student movement.

Our Client Commitment

As a customer driven business, we help single school districts and entire state education systems become more efficient, more productive, and more student-focused.

Cayen Systems has been serving K-12 schools and districts for the last 22 years. Our software has simplified program management for hundreds of state and district clients nationwide.

A Total Solution Approach

At Cayen Systems, we believe that each client has unique and specific challenges to face on a daily basis. Our professional sales, support, and training staff will work with you to understand your concerns. Drawing from 22 years of experience we will recommend a comprehensive solution that addresses your needs now and in the future. Cayen Systems is pleased to work one on one with you to create custom solutions to your specific needs.