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Why Cayen?

Who We Are

Cayen Systems is among the nation's leading developers of online data management software for educators and non-profit organizations.

Our knowledge of the complexities of program management allows us to usnderstand the challenges of accurate and timely reporting, and the difficulties of managing multiple funding sources.

Our Client Commitment

We strive to exceed the expectations of every client through outstanding customer service, innovative solutions and continual improvement. Actively listening to our clients while constantly monitoring industry trends and government regulations, our entire staff is engaged in understanding the needs of our clients. Our team is comprised of professionals from education, software development, client services, training, quality, sales, and marketing to ensure every aspect of our clients' satisfaction is considered.

Experience Matters

Cayen Systems prides itself on our high levels of experience, quality, and service. Our knowledge of the complexities of program management, allows us to understand the challenges of accurate and timely reporting, and the difficulties of managing multiple funding sources. We are confident that our software and service solutions will provide your organization greater efficiency, increased accuracy, and true value in terms of time and cost savings.

Cayen Systems has been serving educational programs and nonprofit organizations for over 17 years. Our software has simplified program management for hundreds of state and district clients nationwide.

A Total Solution Approach

At Cayen Systems, we believe that each client has unique and specific challenges to face on a daily basis. Our professional sales, support, and training staff will work with you to understand your concerns. Drawing from over 17 years of experience we will recommend a comprehensive solution that addresses your needs now and in the future. Cayen Systems' is pleased to work one on one with you to create custom solutions to your specific needs.

Read how Cayen Systems developed a single system to help the state of Connecticut manage multiple programs!